Whatever your type of business is, Arabian Centres offers your business unlimited media options, to help you advertise and promote your brand, to reach the highest amount of your target customers. With our huge annual footfall in our shopping malls, you have the opportunity to promote your business and products through highly visible formats. Our media options include exterior media, food court media, interior media, parking area media, as well as digital media.


Entrance Doors

Entrance Door advertising offers an attractive and effective media option, which affects thousands of mall visitors daily.

Uni Pole Billboards

Billboards are considered one of the best exterior media options. Its high position and premium location makes it visible to every person passing by.

Glass Fronts

Glass Fronts are comprised of huge high-qualtiy posters that target mall visitors on arrival and departure.

Luminous Wallscapes

With their attractive illuminating structure and their colorful appearance, luminous wallscapes deliver your message in a creative artistic approach.

Exterior Windowscapes

Its elevated position and medium size, makes exterior windowscapes an excellent choice for short-term advertising campaigns.

Exterior Bridges

Exterior Bridges offer high-resolution posters on the glass front-space of bridges in our malls, creating an appealing and professional marketing alternative.

Exterior Banners

The Exterior Banners provide a prominent and captivating advertising spot that is clear and attractive from any place in the parking lot.

Pole Banners

With the availability of an enormous number of poles all over the exterior area all around the mall, Pole Banners enable you to maximize the impact of your ads in a creative and significant method.

Table Tops

Table Tops gives you the opportunity to reach shoppers when they are enjoying a nice meal, a cup of coffee or pausing for a rest.

Food Court Columns

Food Court Columns act as an effective means if reaching shoppers while they dine, offering higher average exposure to your advertisement.

Glass Elevator Wraps

Due to its mobility and elegance, elevator wraps are considered an effective method of advertising that reaches shoppers moving all over the mall.

Sky Banners

Sky Banners are placed in high locations all over the mall, with the possibility of placing the banners on both sides, maximizing the visibility of your ads.


Arches provide you with a huge number of viewers due to their premium location and proximity to escalators, aiding in reaching all shoppers moving up or down.

Side of Escalators

Side of Escalators offer you an innovative media option that is highly visible and difficult to miss.

Inner Bridges

Inner Bridges are characterized by their linear structure which is attractive from different areas in the mall.


Kiosks offer visitors an opportunity to check your products and evaluate them on the spot, enabling you to adjust your own location according your size and need.

Parking Columns

Parking Columns are considered a very effective advertising method to attract visitors due to its large number and visibility from any place in the parking lot.

Parking Wallscapes

Parking Wallscapes enable you to target all visitors once they enter the parking lot, making your impact on them instantaneous.


Signage works as live ongoing broadcast for your ads that are visible to visitors while shopping. Broadcasting is controlled centrally enabling your ads to be transmitted in specific durations and locations for targetted reach.

ARC's Website

The website is the first place shoppers check for mall updates, news and offers and is the main source of timely and accurate information. You can reach your target audience by placing static or dynamic ads on the website.


Start selling your products and reaching out for potential customers in less time and easier ways. Using our smart database systems, you can now target an audience who is interested in your products.


With the advancements in technology, we offer you an advertising solution to reach your audience on their mobile phones, whether using SMS, BBM or What's App.